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Bizim Muhit, Wix e-ticaret sitelerine hangi hizmetleri sunuyor?

Wix is an attractive platform for entrepreneurs who want to do e-commerce. Bizim Muhit develops Wix websites and improves the entire e-commerce process with the services and solutions it offers to e-commerce entrepreneurs. Discover the advantages of e-commerce with Wix and Bizim Muhit.

What Advantages Does Bizim Muhit Offer to Wix E-Commerce Businesses?

After choosing the Wix platform for e-commerce and making an agreement with Bizim Muhit, all your e-commerce operations can be easily managed from a single centre. Bizim Muhit not only develops your website, but also continuously trains your colleagues who will take part in your e-commerce operations with video guides and articles. Read on to learn all the benefits.

  • An advanced Wix e-commerce site is prepared from scratch and with a design unique to your brand.

  • According to the site structure you request; home page, product pages in different categories and discount pages are organised.

  • You can add a Help section to your site like the one on Bizim Muhit's website.

  • By adding the centre, users who interact with your site can solve their problems in a shorter time with articles and video guides instead of reaching you directly in case of a possible problem.

  • For out-of-stock products, "let me know when it comes to stock" notifications, "stock is about to run out" notifications, a basket feature where the customer can set the delivery date, a donation collection feature, customer reviews and evaluation feature, a "bestseller" block, presentation of products similar to the products in the basket in the "you may also like these" block, a system where the customer can add the image or text that he wants to print on it for a notebook or mug cup and view it simultaneously, a "wish list (list of my favourites)" and much more are optionally added to your site.

  • When you want to list thousands of products collectively as a dealer rather than through the store, filtering, sorting and different listing options are prepared for page displays with a database suitable for your business.

  • Your store products are made ready for the pages to include instalment notifications, delivery notifications and other additional details.

  • SMS and e-mail can be sent via the site panel. 

  • Not only SEO settings are made for all your pages and store products, but also your traffic is improved as a result of a comprehensive SEO work. 

  • Structured data is added to your site to support enriched search results.

  • Ascend by Wix is integrated with your site and an automated e-commerce experience is offered to your customers.

  • Your site traffic, sales and all other analyses related to your website are sent to you every month. You can also view these documents directly from your website. 

  • When you decide to expand your business, a new area is added to the site panel so that you can publish job advertisements and receive applications for each advertisement separately.

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