I am new to resources library, how well can I use it?

I am new to resources library by Bizim Muhit. How well can I use it?

Bu rehberi daha iyi anlamak için yandaki oka tıklayarak adım adım rehbere eriş. 

We hope you have accessed one of the most detailed step step tutorial-environments for business, personel and educational usage in Bizim Muhit. Although you are a newbie with many questions in your mind, this article encourage you to explore this environment and believe yourself to learn more with Resources Libray.

Resources Library by bizimuhit.com is a dedicated place to teach people from agencies, educational instutions and companies with powerful tools, presentations, articles, step by step visual contents, webinars, seminars, low-code-no-code principles and more. Library contents are prepared according to your behaviours on website and inquiries. Most demand and popular web applications like Wix, Discord, Mailchimp, Slack are best fit to boundaries of services. 

You can expand the box located just above this article section to follow what we mean while we are explaining some terms. Now, let us give you to go!

Resources Library

Resources Library page contains a banch of sections, respectively. All are there to offer you a better experience and usage. 

  1. Quick links: They will let you read the fundamentals of this system, learn more about the community and hire a professional for your services. 

  2. Featured content: It may be a most a readed content of that week or  an urgent to be dealt asap. 

  3. Premium contents for bold creators: Imagine the future and allow us to pull that dreams out your brain. Just a joke. This part is the actual part of this environment. 

Resource Pages

Resource pages are accessible from the main page of Resources Library. The core part of learning management system is here. 

  1. Lucky box: All resource pages include a box that has a motion of freedom in the direction of article section as it is expanded or collapsed. There is a video gallery with full of images, videos and GIFs prepared just for you. In the case of whether lose your attention while reading articles or not to determine how you can figure them out, you can visit this box. 

  2. File part: Additive learning is a better way because of the power behind the repeatibility. Some tutorials also contain numerous documents related the subject you are looking for. Check them!

  3. Looking for answer? : If you still have questions about the content you are looking for, you can try to reach people in community forum.  Also, consider searching through the Help Center or giving a chance to deal with your request. 

  4. Give us a feedback: We hope the contents presented on that page is enough. If you are keen on doing better something we teach you on that page, you send us a feedback.  

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