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Hizmetler için nasıl ödeme yapılır?

When you are in the process of obtaining a service with Bizim Muhit and an agreement is reached, we collect the fee via the Iyzico secure payment link in the e-mail sent to you. With the Iyzico link, you complete the payment process securely using MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Troy logo credit cards.

No card information is recorded by Bizim Muhit or Iyzico during payment transactions. At the end of each transaction, a payment number is assigned to you by the system. You may need to note this number in a safe place for future transactions.

Iyzico payment links must be used for all payments regardless of the service offered. We do not make money transfer/EFT or money transfer/collection between Ininal and other applications. Please do not request otherwise.

Uzmanlarımızdan destek almak isterseniz doğrudan buraya e-posta gönderebilirsiniz.

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