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Wix Website Design Course

  • 45Adım
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With the Wix Website Building Course, you will learn how to build a Wix website from start to finish. You will learn the basics of web design and SEO with Wix and you will even be able to set up your first online business. It is suitable for web designers, those who want to move their business to the internet, those who want to start a business on the internet, students and anyone who wants to set up a website. During the 4-week programme you will follow the rich course content, take various quizzes and be part of an exclusive community. On completion of the course you will be awarded an approved certificate. You will learn how to use Wix with an introduction to building a website with Wix, editor types, standard editor usage, mobile-friendly design, premium features, making the site discoverable with SEO, Wix for business, and sample website preparation lessons consisting of 2 projects.

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