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Remote Work at Bizim Muhit - Getting Started


Remote has been an inherit work definition since Bizim Muhit was founded. We simply create websites, digital communities and related resources. The way of work in Bizim Muhit involves internships, volunteer, part-time and full-time. This tutorial have written to let you know the basic principles of working with Bizim Muhit.

The Team

Trust is the foundation

Remote teams have to trust their teammates. There is simply no way around it. The beauty of trusting your teammates is that oftentimes your teammates reward you. Most people genuinely want to do a good job. In a remote team, there aren't any silly rules about having your butts in a seat during certain hours of the day. This means at the end of the week you either have something to show for your week or not. This means you trust that your teammates are getting something done. But also your teammates trust you. To earn that trust you want to make sure you have something to show for your work each week.

Along with that: Being public and transparent about your company's values and culture goes a long way towards establishing trust in a distributed team and also for hiring people who will thrive at your company.

Culture at remote

Everyone that works on bizimuhit has bought into the belief that you come to work for the work, not for the ping pong. Most of your time at work is going to be work, so the work has to be rewarding by itself. Here are examples:

  • How we talk to customers (is speed more important than quality?)

  • How we communicate with each other (is this a phone call conversation or an email conversation or a chat conversation?)

  • How much work do you do (do we work 40 hours or 80 hours?)

Those decisions and values create culture in remote companies more than a ping pong table would because our work is our lifeblood.

Remote resources 

All resources , except a few out-of-foundation ones, are presented through When you  join us, you will get an access to how-to-make PDF documentations, remote representation techniques' slides, the ultimate guide for remote working.

Tools and Softwares

A co-located office develops its own personality through inside jokes, shared experiences, and a collaborative environment, such as a meeting room with whiteboards. A remote team needs to develop something similar. The easiest way to do this is with your day-to-day toolset. Here are some tools we love that have helped build our culture.


Discord is our virtual office. If you're in Discord, then you're at work. A group chat channels like Discord is also great at creating camaraderie. Active ones include functional channels like #marketing, #support, and #news, along with project-specific channels like #team-content, and social channels like #fun-cooking. Prepending Discord channels with words like "fun-" or "feed-" help us to organize and communicate to new teammates what can quickly become an unruly list of channels in Discord.


We have a weekly all-hands meeting in Zoom that's essential for putting faces behind the names of our many teammates and gives us all a chance to just hang out for a bit as a company, virtually.

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