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Bizim Muhit'e Wix Marketplace üzerinden erişen kullanıcılar için süreç nasıl işliyor?

For Wix users who reach Bizim Muhit using Wix Marketplace, the process works as follows.

1) We assess the project requirements,

2) We share possible solutions,

3) We send the offer to the e-mail of the company/person to whom the invoice will be issued,

4) If the offer is approved, we create a digital invoice to receive payment,

5) We also forward the invoice for receiving digital payments together with the company details to the company e-mail,

6) When the payment is completed, we start work,

7) We send you the legal invoice upon delivery of the work.

In addition to the specialist marketplace, you can also contact us by sending an on-site enquiry. This prevents you from getting lost among dozens of e-mails from the marketplace. Hire a Wix expert now.

Let's spend time together for your project. Arrange a 30-minute meeting with our experts and the cost of the meeting will be deducted from the project price.

Meet one of our experts.

Wix Marketplace Expert Requests

Users who contact us through the Wix Marketplace are contacted not only by us, but also by other experts in the expert marketplace. Evaluate the budget, project requirements, project dates and other details and proceed with the offer that suits you best.

Although experts do not specialise in the entire Wix ecosystem, there are a considerable number of specialists who provide services in a large number of specialised areas. One of these is

Wix Expert Competencies

The best way to evaluate the competencies of Wix experts is to take a look at the expert's own site and past projects. You can browse our site to see which Wix features we use, or you can browse directly to Customer Stories.

Uzmanlarımızdan destek almak isterseniz doğrudan buraya e-posta gönderebilirsiniz.

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