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What are profile badges and how can I get one of them?

Profile badges are distributed corresponding to your activities and roles you gain in Bizim Muhit. Badges appear on your profile page, blog comments and forum posts as well. There are some methods you are rewarded with badges by following;


Every Muhit member would want to contribute to someone who hadn't dealt with his/him problems. Contributors badge is given as reward for your helpings.


We have a huge community with excellent events and meet-ups that is crucially important for our locals. Ambassadors arrange some events like community meets in order to your inquiries.

If you want cool words in your profile or anywhere we can put on, you are able to submit your registration by using this form. 

Uzmanlarımızdan destek almak isterseniz doğrudan buraya e-posta gönderebilirsiniz.

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